Taking the High Road

Prehistoric Habitation and Exploitation in the Mountains of East Crete: New Evidence from an Extensive Survey

This volume presents and discusses the results of an extensive survey that took place between 2014 and 2018 in the mountain ranges of East Crete. The survey of respectively the eastern part of the Dikte range and the Sitanos area above Zakros specifically targeted prehistoric cultural remains with the aim to investigate the extent at which this environmental zone was exploited during the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. Based on the results of the fieldwork, the discussion focuses mostly on the Neopalatial period (Middle Minoan III Late Minoan IB) during which a systematic effort to occupy and exploit these two upland zones was especially evident. The study of architectural remains and movable finds that were sampled, documented and studied within the two areas allows a reconsideration of issues of political organization, labour mobilization, economic integration, production and specialization.

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Tina Kalantzopoulou,
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SOC003000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Archaeology
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09 mai 2022
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09 mai 2022
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Date de publication
09 mai 2022
Nombre de pages de contenu principal : 142
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1. Introduction 1
1. Previous Fieldwork and Research Questions 3
2. The Research Areas as Case Studies 6
3. The Sitanos Uplands 7
4. The South-eastern Slopes of Mt. Dikte 9
2. Methodology 12
3. The Sites 14
1. The History of Human Activity on the Sitanos Uplands during Prehistory 14
1.1. Topography and Geomorphology 15
1.2. Final Neolithic Period 15
1.3. Prepalatial Period 19
1.4. Ritual Activity of the Protopalatial Period 20
1.5. Neopalatial Period 22
1.6. Pottery Fabrics 34
2. The History of Human Activity on the South-eastern Slopes of Mt. Dikte during Prehistory 36
2.1. Topography and Geomorphology 37
2.2. Final Neolithic and Prepalatial Periods 37
2.3. Protopalatial Period 37
2.4. Neopalatial Period 41
2.5. Pottery Fabrics 83
4. Discussion 89
1. The Final Neolithic Period 89
2. The Protopalatial Period 92
3. The Neopalatial Period 95
3.1. Settlement Patterns and Habitation Models - Farmhouses vs. Rural 'Villas' 96
3.2. Subsistence and Exploitation Practices 99
5. Conclusions 104
The Mountain Zone as an Economic Entity and as a New (Neo)palatial Territory
Bibliography 108
Site Gazetteer 123