Stratigraphic Analysis, Pottery Seriation and Radiocarbon Dating in Mediterranean Chronology
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The absolute chronology of Neopalatial Crete and the early Late Bronze Age Aegan, and in particular, of the Late Minoan IA Theran Eruption on Santorini, thie so-called Minoan Eruption. Lire la suite

The absolute chronology of Neopalatial Crete and the early Late Bronze Age Aegean – and, in particular, of the Late Minoan IA Theran Eruption on Santorini, the so-called Minoan Eruption – is a pivotal point for the study of the entire eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age, while at the same time providing one of the most interesting (and intricate) case-studies for combined archaeological and high-precision radiocarbon dating.
Since the 1970s, the traditional, archaeology-based chronology has been questioned following the analysis of radiocarbon measurements from Thera and elsewhere in the eastern Mediterranean, while the recent publication of the new annual-resolution section of the calibration curve IntCal20 for the 1700-1500 BCE period has shown that remaining uncertainties aff ect the arguments for both the archaeo-historically-based 'Low' chronology – with the eruption event in the last decades of the 16th century BCE, and the radiocarbon-based ‘High’ chronology, which sets the eruption in the later part of the 17th century BCE. Focussing on new insights and methods (especially Correspondence Analysis) to achieve a better resolution for the absolute date, this volume originates in an international workshop with the same title organised at Louvain-la-Neuve in
December 2022, in which the diff erent approaches were discussed, confronted and explored. The workshop forms part of the ARC 20/25-106 TALOS program: The Santorini Eruption: Comparative anthropological and volcanological research of an archaeological case study.

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1. Time heals all wounds? 1

Jan Driessen

2. Minoan Eruption chronology 5
A five decades-long debate
Tiziano Fantuzzi

3. Pottery Dating by Correspondence Analysis 31
Time Series Analysis
Bernhard Weninger
Raiko Krauß

4. The Timespan of Hyksos Rule (15th Dynasty) 57

Manfred Bietak

5. What 'Ezbet Helmi tells us about the East Mediterranean and chronology 83

Irmgard Hein

6. Some Late Helladic IIA pottery in the early Thutmosid Dra Abu el-Naga necropolis (Luxor,
Egypt) 117

Louis Dautais
Zulema Barahona-Mendieta

7. The Aegean World and Cyprus 141
Reconsidering the Evidence for Intersection between the Aegean World and Cyprus around the
Time of the Bronze Age Eruption of Thera
Kathryn O. Eriksson

8. Closing in on the Dating of the Thera/Santorini Eruption as of 2023 CE 153
Likely a later/late Second Intermediate Period Event

Sturt W. Manning

9. The Dating Game 181
The History and Present State of the Controversy Concerning the Date of the Theran Eruption

Malcolm H. Wiener

10. What's Next? 191
Chronological improvements through proxy synchronization and annual 14C

Charlotte L. Pearson

11. Bottoms Up 207
A View of the Theran Volcanic Eruption from the Neopalatial Cups from Chryssi

Chrysa Sofianou
Thomas Brogan
Melissa Eaby
Vili Apostolakou
Philip Betancourt

12. Is a new system of Minoan relative chronology feasible? 221

Diamantis Panagiotopoulos

13. Tackling questions of relative chronologies through Correspondence Analysis 233
The Neopalatial pottery sequence at Sissi (Crete) as a case study

Iro Mathioudaki
Tiziano Fantuzzi

14. Mining the Labyrinth 255
Prospects and Pitfalls of Synthetic Research on the Knossian Ceramic Sequence

Charles Sturge
Tiziano Fantuzzi

15. Experimental Report on Statistical Analysis of Bronze Age Pottery from Kolonna on Aegina 277
Basics, Challenges and Some Conclusions

Walter Gauß

16. It’s Absolutely Relative 295
The Late Helladic I Stratigraphic and Ceramic Sequences from Mitrou and their 14C Anchor

Salvatore Vitale
Christopher M. Hale
Aleydis Van de Moortel
Nicholas P. Herrmann

17. Chronological Revision in the Aegean 321
Perceptions of Time along Stratigraphic and Ceramic Sequences

Stefanos Gimatzidis

18. Conclusion 351
Summary and Final Remarks
Tiziano Fantuzzi