ABE Journal - Architecture Beyond Europe - n°17/2020

Entanglements of Architecture and Comfort beyond the Temperate Zone - part 1

Coordination éditoriale de Jiat-Hwee Chang, Daniel J. Ryan

This thematic section of ABE Journal explores the wide-ranging socio-environmental implications of comfort for architectural history. Lire la suite

The contributions over this and the next issue complicate and expand upon our understanding of comfort. Each essay unpacks how comfort was situated and assembled in the built environment of different temporalities and geographies, beyond the taken-for-granted immediacy of the present and the discursive familiarity of temperate European and North American contexts.

Drawing from the cognate fields of scholarship in, among others, Science and Technology Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Sociology of Practice, the contributions show how, during the past two centuries, comfort and the built environment were historically entangled with (settler) colonialism and
decolonization, and the various (dis)enchantments of modernities and modernization in Asia, Australia, Latin America, and West Africa. By understanding comfort in relation to these cross-cultural and cross-climatic encounters, these contributions have far-reaching implications for comprehending our shifting and situated relationships with not just built environmental transformations but also planetary climate change.

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Coordination éditoriale de
Jiat-Hwee Chang, Daniel J. Ryan,
ABE Journal
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01 janvier 2020
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01 janvier 2020
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Dossier : Entanglements of Architecture and Comfort beyond the Temperate Zone - part 1

Editorial, Jiat-Hwee Chang & Daniel J. Ryan

Cathy Keys, Shifting Priorities of Shade and Northern Australian Architecture: Colonial Settlement prior to the 1920s

Natalia Solano-Meza, Aesthetics of Comfort: A Third Moment in Costa Rican Histories of Tropical Architecture

Dustin Valen, Imperial Atmospheres: Race and Climate Control on the Niger

Sascha Roesler & Madlen Kobi, Urban Climate Indoors: Rethinking Heating Infrastructure in China's Non-Heating Zone


Jasper Ludewig, Mapoon Mission Station and the Privatization of Public

Violence: Transnational Missionary Architecture on Queensland’s Late-Nineteenth-Century Colonial Frontier


Hannah le Roux, Comfort, Violence, Care: Decolonizing Tropical Architecture at Blida, 1956

Documents / sources

Monika Motylinska, A Cross Section of Colonial Technology? Zooming in and Zooming out on a Photograph of a 1930s German Trade Fair

Monika Motylinska, Kolonialtechnik im Querschnitt ? Ein Foto einer deutschen Messe aus den 1930er Jahren — zwischen Nah- und Weitblick

Dissertation abstracts

Dalal Musaed Alsayer, Architecture, Environment, Development: The United States and the Making of Modern Arabia, 1949-1961


Luce Beeckmans, A Tale of Two Twin Houses. A review of Mirjana Lozanovska, Migrant Housing. Architecture, Dwelling, Migration

Johan Lagae, Raphaèle Billé, Louise Curtis (eds.), Moderne Maharajah. Un mécène des années 1930

Sam Grinsell, Peter H. Christensen, Germany and the Ottoman Railways: Art, Empire, and Infrastructure

Christopher Cowell, Cole Roskam, Improvised City: Architecture and Governance in Shanghai, 1843-1937

David Vanderburgh, Yasir Sakr, The Subversive Utopia: Louis Kahn and the Question of the National Jewish Style in Jerusalem

Stephanie Van de Voorde, Hélène Vacher, Valérie Balthazard, Karine Thilleul (eds.), Des maisons métalliques pour l’Afrique. La maison tropicale de Jean Prouvé