ESANN 2018 - Proceedings

26th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning

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22 mars 2018

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Deep learning and image processing
A Sub-Layered Hierarchical Pyramidal Neural Architecture for Facial
Expression Recognition
H. Siqueira, P. Barros, S. Magg, C. Weber, S. Wermter
Interpretation of convolutional neural networks for speech regression from
M. Angrick, C. Herff, G. Johnson, J. Shih, D. Krusienski, T. Schultz 
Transferring style in motion capture sequences with adversarial learning
Q. Wang, M. Chen, T. Artières, L. Denoyer 
Properties of adv-1 – Adversarials of Adversarials
N. Worzyk, O. Kramer
An analysis of subtask-dependency in robot command interpretation with
dilated CNNs
M. Eppe, T. Alpay, F. Abawi, S. Wermter 
Image retrieval and ranking through Deep Comparative Neural Networks
A. Cherif, S. Jouili 
Incremental learning with deep neural networks using a test-time oracle
A. Gepperth, S. Abdullah Gondal 
Image-to-Text Transduction with Spatial Self-Attention
S. Springenberg, E. Lakomkin, C. Weber, S. Wermter
Hierarchical Recurrent Filtering for Fully Convolutional DenseNets
J. Wagner, V. Fischer, M. Herman, S. Behnke 
Towards cognitive automotive environment modelling: reasoning based on
vector representations
F. Mirus, T. C. Stewart, J. Conradt
Inferencing based on unsupervised learning of disentangled representations
T. Hinz, S. Wermter
Dynamic autonomous image segmentation based on Grow Cut
A.-I. Marinescu, Z. Bálint, L. Dioşan, A. Andreica 

P. Springstübe, S. Heinrich, S. Wermter 
Active Learning based on Transfer Learning Techniques for Image
D. Onita, A. Birlutiu 
Near-optimal facial emotion classification using a WiSARD-based weightless
L. Lusquino Filho, F. França, P. Lima 
Spatial pooling as feature selection method for object recognition
M. Kirtay, L. Vannucci, U. Albanese, A. Ambrosano, E. Falotico, C. Laschi 
Interaction and User Integration in Machine Learning for
Information Visualisation
Information visualisation and machine learning: latest trends towards
B. Frenay, B. Dumas, J. A. Lee
VisCoDeR: A tool for visually comparing dimensionality reduction algorithms
R. Cutura, S. Holzer, M. Aupetit, M. Sedlmair
G-Rap: interactive text synthesis using recurrent neural network suggestions
U. Schlegel, E. Cakmak, J. Buchmüller, D. Keim 
Interactive dimensionality reduction of large datasets using interpolation
I. Diaz-Blanco, D. Perez, A. A. Cuadrado, D. Garcia-Perez, D. Manuel
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction
Perplexity-free t-SNE and twice Student tt-SNE
C. de Bodt, D. Mulders, M. Verleysen, J. A. Lee
Generative Kernel PCA
J. Schreurs, J. Suykens 
Extensive assessment of Barnes-Hut t-SNE
C. de Bodt, D. Mulders, M. Verleysen, J. A. Lee 
Understanding wafer patterns in semiconductor production with variational
T. Santos, R. Kern 
Feature noise tuning for resource efficient Bayesian Network Classifiers
L. I. Galindez Olascoaga, J. Vlasselaer, W. Meert, M. Verhelst 
Reliable Patient Classification in Case of Uncertain Class Labels Using a
Cross-Entropy Approach
A. Villmann, M. Kaden, S. Saralajew, W. Hermann, T. Villmann
Behaviour-based working memory capacity classification using recurrent
neural networks
M. Salous, F. Putze 
Structuring and Solving Multi-Criteria Decision Making Problems using
Artificial Neural Networks: a smartphone recommendation case
V. Amaral De Sousa, A. Simonofski, M. Snoeck, I. Jureta 
Efficient accuracy estimation for instance-based incremental active learning
C. Limberg, H. Wersing, H. Ritter
Boolean kernels for interpretable kernel machines
M. Polato, F. Aiolli 
The minimum effort maximum output principle applied to Multiple Kernel
I. Lauriola, M. Polato, F. Aiolli 
One-class Autoencoder approach to classify Raman spectra outliers
K. Hofer-Schmitz, P.-H. Nguyen, K. Berwanger 
Radar Based Pedestrian Detection using Support Vector Machine and the
Micro Doppler Effect
J. V. Bruneti Severino, A. Zimmer, L. dos Santos Coelho, R. Zanetti Freire 
Opposite neighborhood: a new method to select reference points of minimal
learning machines
M. Dias, L. Sousa, A. Rocha Neto, A. Souza Júnior
A neural network cost function for highly class-imbalanced data sets
D. Twomey, D. Gorse 
Self-learning assembly systems during ramp-up
R. Schönherr, M. Knaller, M. Philipp
Feasibility based Large Margin Nearest Neighbor metric learning
B. Hosseini, B. Hammer

Combining latent tree modeling with a random forest-based approach, for
genetic association studies
C. Sinoquet, K. Mekhnacha 
Graph based neural networks for automatic classification of multiple sclerosis
clinical courses
F. Calimeri, A. Marzullo, C. Stamile, G. Terracina 
Regression and recommendation systems
Extreme Minimal Learning Machine
T. Kärkkäinen
Learning with a Fisher surrogate loss in a small data regime
M. Djerrab, A. Garcia, F. D'Alché-Buc
Fast Power system security analysis with Guided Dropout
B. Donnot, I. Guyon, A. Marot, M. Schoenauer, P. Panciatici 
Neural Networks for Implicit Feedback Datasets
J. Feigl, M. Bogdan 

Regularize and explicit collaborative filtering with textual attention
C.-E. Dias, V. Guigue, P. Gallinari
Adaptive random forests for data stream regression
H. M. Gomes, J. P. Barddal, L. E. Boiko, A. Bifet
Cache-efficient Gradient Descent Algorithm
I. Chakroun, T. Vander Aa, T. Ashby 
Sensitivity analysis for predictive uncertainty
S. Depeweg, J. M. Hernández-Lobato, S. Udluft, T. Runkler 
Revisiting FISTA for Lasso: Acceleration Strategies Over The Regularization
A. Catalina, C. M. Alaíz, J. R. Dorronsoro
Shallow and Deep models for transfer learning and domain
Shallow and Deep Models for Domain Adaptation problems
S. Mehrkanoon, M. Blaschko, J. Suykens 

Unsupervised domain adaptation of deep object detectors
D. Majumdar, V. Namboodiri 
Machine Learning and Data Analysis in Astroinformatics
Machine learning and data analysis in astroinformatics
M. Biehl, K. Bunte, G. Longo, P. Tino
Anomaly detection in star light curves using hierarchical Gaussian processes
H. Chen, T. Diethe, N. Twomey, P. Flach 
Latent representations of transient candidates from an astronomical image
difference pipeline using Variational Autoencoders
P. Huijse, N. Astorga, P. Estevez, G. Pignata
Globular Cluster Detection in the Gaia Survey
M. Mohammadi, R. Peletier, F.-M. Schleif, N. Petkov, K. Bunte 
Stellar formation rates in galaxies using machine learning models
M. Delli Veneri, S. Cavuoti, M. Brescia, G. Riccio, G. Longo
Prototype-based analysis of GAMA galaxy catalogue data
A. Nolte, L. Wang, M. Biehl 
Deep Learning in Bioinformatics and Medicine
Bioinformatics and medicine in the era of deep learning
D. Bacciu, P. Lisboa, J. D. Martin, R. Stoean, A. Vellido 
Controlling biological neural networks with deep reinforcement learning
J. Wülfing, S. Saseendran Kumar, J. Boedecker, M. Riedmiller, U. Egert
Learning compressed representations of blood samples time series with
missing data
F. M. Bianchi, K. Ø. Mikalsen, R. Jenssen
Sleep staging with deep learning: a convolutional model
I. Fernández-Varela, D. Athanasakis, S. Parsons, E. Hernández-Pereira,
V. Moret-Bonillo
Interpreting deep learning models for ordinal problems
J. P. Amorim, I. Domingues, P. H. Abreu, J. Santos 

Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Medical Imaging
M. Atencia, R. Stoean 
Multi-omics data integration using cross-modal neural networks
I. Bica, P. Velickovic, H. Xiao, P. Lio'
DEEP: decomposition feature enhancement procedure for graphs
V. D. Tran, N. Navarin, A. Sperduti
Deep Echo State Networks for Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease
C. Gallicchio, A. Micheli, L. Pedrelli 
Capturing variabilities from Computed Tomography images with Generative
Adversarial Networks (GANs)
U. Javaid, J. A. Lee 
Pollen grain recognition using convolutional neural network
N. Khanzhina, E. Putin, A. Filchenkov, E. Zamyatina 
Randomized Neural Networks
Randomized Recurrent Neural Networks
C. Gallicchio, A. Micheli, P. Tino
Bidirectional deep-readout echo state networks
F. M. Bianchi, S. Scardapane, S. Løkse, R. Jenssen
Forecasting Business Failure in Highly Imbalanced Distribution based on
Delay Line Reservoir
A. Rodan, P. A. Castillo, H. Faris, A. M. Al-Zoubi, A.M. Mora, H. Jawazneh 
Estimation of the Human Concentration using Echo State Networks
H. Dashdamirov, S. Basterrech 
Quantifying the Reservoir Quality using Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
T. Burianek, S. Basterrech 
Clustering and feature selection
Scalable robust clustering method for large and sparse data
J. Hämäläinen, T. Kärkkäinen, T. Rossi 
Clustering with decision trees: divisive and agglomerative approach
L. Castin, B. Frenay

Comparison of cluster validation indices with missing data
M. Niemelä, S. Äyrämö, T. Kärkkäinen
Efficient approximate representations for computationally expensive features
R. Santos-Rodriguez, N. Twomey
Regularised maximum-likelihood inference of mixture of experts for regression
and clustering
B. T. Huynh, F. Chamroukhi
Feature selection for label ranking
N. Sánchez-Maroño, B. Pérez-Sánchez 
A novel filter algorithm for unsupervised feature selection based on a space
filling measure
M. Laib, M. Kanevski 
Mathematical aspects of learning, and reinforcement learning
Asymptotic statistics for multilayer perceptron with ReLu hidden units
J. Rynkiewicz 
Local Rademacher Complexity Machine
L. Oneto, S. Ridella, D. Anguita 
A sharper bound on the Rademacher complexity of margin multi-category
K. Musayeva, F. Lauer, Y. Guermeur 
Slowness-based neural visuomotor control with an Intrinsically motivated
Continuous Actor-Critic
M. B. Hafez, M. Kerzel, C. Weber, S. Wermter 
A variable projection method for block term decomposition of higher-order
G. Olikier, P.-A. Absil, L. De Lathauwer 
Reinforcement Learning for High-Frequency Market Making
Y.-S. Lim, D. Gorse 

Emerging trends in machine learning: beyond conventional
methods and data
Emerging trends in machine learning: beyond conventional methods and data
L. Oneto, N. Navarin, M. Donini, D. Anguita 
Finding the most interpretable MDS rotation for sparse linear models based on
external features
A. Bibal, R. Marion, B. Frenay 
Mixture of Hidden Markov Model as Tree Encoder
D. Bacciu, D. Castellana 
Set point thresholds from topological data analysis and an outlier detector
A. Carrega
Differential private relevance learning
J. Brinkrolf, K. Berger, B. Hammer
On aggregation in ranking median regression
S. Clémençon, A. Korba
Temporal transfer learning for drift adaptation
D. Won, P. Jansen, J. Carbonell
LANN-DSVD: A privacy-preserving distributed algorithm for machine
O. Fontenla-Romero, B. Guijarro-Berdiñas, B. Pérez-Sánchez,
M. Gómez-Casal 
Vector Field Based Neural Networks
D. Vieira, F. Rangel, F. Firmino, J. Paixao
Temporal data, sequences and incremental learning
Non-Negative Tensor Dictionary Learning
A. Traoré, M. Berar, A. Rakotomamonjy
An extension of nonstationary fuzzy sets to heteroskedastic fuzzy time series
M. A. Alves, P. Cândido de Lima e Silva, C. A. Severiano Junior,
G. Linhares Vieira, F. Gadelha Guimarães, H. Javedani Sadaei 
Surprisal-based activation in recurrent neural networks
T. Alpay, F. Abawi, S. Wermter

K-spectral centroid: extension and optimizations
B. Conan-Guez, A. Gély, L. Boudjeloud-Assala, A. Blansché 
Temporal modeling of ALS using longitudinal data and long-short term
memory-based algorithm
A. Nahon, B. Lerner

Meerkats-inspired Algorithm for Global Optimization Problems
C. E. Klein, L. dos Santos Coelho 
Cheetah Based Optimization Algorithm: A Novel Swarm Intelligence
C. E. Klein, V. Cocco Mariani, L. dos Santos Coelho 
Evolutionary Composition of Customized Fault Localization Heuristics
D. de-Freitas, L.-J. Plinio, C. Camilo-Junior, R. Harrison 
Order Crossover for the Inventory Routing Problem
M. S. Amri Sakhri, M. Tlili, H. Allaoui, O. Korbaa
Person Identification and Discovery With Wrist Worn Accelerometer Data
R. McConville, R. Santos-Rodriguez, N. Twomey 
CDTW-based classification for Parkinson's Disease diagnosis
N. Khoury, F. Attal, Y. Amirat, A. Chibani, S. Mohammed 
Personalizing human activity recognition models using incremental learning
P. Siirtola, H. Koskimäki, J. Röning 
Short-term Memory of Deep RNN
C. Gallicchio 
Effect of context in swipe gesture-based continuous authentication on
P. Siirtola, J. Komulainen, V. Kellokumpu 
Impact of Biases in Big Data
Impact of Biases in Big Data
P. Glauner, P. Valtchev, R. State 
Analysis of imputation bias for feature selection with missing data
B. Seijo-Pardo, A. Alonso-Betanzos, K. Bennett, V. Bolon-Canedo, I. Guyon,
J. Josse, M. Saeed 
Systematics aware learning : a case study in high energy physics
V. Estrade, C. Germain, I. Guyon, D. Rousseau 
Optimization and metaheuristics
Evolutionary RL for Container Loading
S. Saikia, R. Verma, P. Agarwal, G. Shroff, L. Vig, A. Srinivasan
Enhancement of a stochastic Markov-blanket framework with ant colony
optimization, to uncover epistasis in genetic association studies
C. Sinoquet, C. Niel

Meerkats-inspired Algorithm for Global Optimization Problems
C. E. Klein, L. dos Santos Coelho 
Cheetah Based Optimization Algorithm: A Novel Swarm Intelligence
C. E. Klein, V. Cocco Mariani, L. dos Santos Coelho 
Evolutionary Composition of Customized Fault Localization Heuristics
D. de-Freitas, L.-J. Plinio, C. Camilo-Junior, R. Harrison 
Order Crossover for the Inventory Routing Problem
M. S. Amri Sakhri, M. Tlili, H. Allaoui, O. Korbaa