Megistos Kouros

Studies in honour of Hugh Sackett

Uitgegeven door Jan Driessen, Carl Knappett

This volume represents a tribute by friends, family and colleagues to Hugh Sackett, a British archaeologist who led important excavations at Knossos, Palaikastro and Lefkandi in Greece. Organised in two parts, Reminiscences and Archaeological Contributions, the texts speak both to Hugh's dual life as archaeologist and teacher, and his important contributions to Aegean and Greek prehistory. These varied papers, many richly illustrated, refl ect on his impact in the fi eld or discuss specifi c details of the sites he worked on. Other texts treat more general aspects of Greek prehistory. Many of the contributions discuss the site of Palaikastro where Hugh worked fi rst in the early 1960s and then again from 1983 onwards.

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Jan Driessen, Carl Knappett,
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Part 1: Reminiscences
Honouring Hugh Sackett 1
Carl Knappett
Jan Driessen
Hugh Sackett 5
Growing up together as remembered by his younger brother
Robert Sackett
Hugh in the Sixties 31
Gerald Cadogan
Palaikastro 1988 34
A Brief Reminiscence and Appreciation
Eric H. Cline
Hugh and John Ellis Jones 36
Angharad Ellis Jones
Catrin Ellis Jones
Rhodri Ellis Jones
Hugh Sackett 39
Distinguished Archaeologist and Teacher
Colin F. Macdonald
Memories of Hugh Sackett 41
Holly Parton
Digging and Teaching 43
Hugh Sackett and his Partnership with Roger Scudder
A.T. Reyes
Hugh and the Vietnam War 50
Helen Brock
A Vibrant Life 51
Jennifer Stager
A Memorable Football Match 52
Peter Warren
Travels with Hugh 53
Malcolm H. Wiener
Remembering Hugh, in photographs… 54
Eleanor Sackett
Part 2: Archaeological Contributions
The Scatter-Pattern Compositional System in Knossian Landscapes 67
Philip P. Betancourt
Seals and Offerings of Distinction from the Kophinas Sanctuary 73
Alexandra Karetsou
Helen Hughes-Brock
Sacrifice of the Trojan Youths: Myth Repurposed? 101
Thomas Carpenter
A Possible LM IA Neighbourhood Shrine at Palaikastro 108
Tim Cunningham
Kilns, Kin and Calcite 114
Potters with problems in twentieth century Palaikastro
Peter M. Day
A Fragment of a Libation Table Inscribed in Linear A from Petsophas, Palaikastro (PK Za 28) 128
Maurizio Del Freo
Julien Zurbach
Carl Knappett
Living in a Palace-less Place? 132
Reconsidering Bronze Age Palaikastro
Jan Driessen
Thinking Vertically 149
The Role of Archaeological Sections in Prehistoric and Historic Period Publications from the
Aegean. The Case of the British School at Athens
Eleni Hatzaki
Two Early Helladic Gold Sauceboats 161
Technical Considerations
Seán Hemingway
Richard Stone
Contributions to the Archaeology of Euboea 169
Irene S. Lemos
Consuming Palaikastro 181
Pottery Imports from Palaikastro in Neopalatial East Crete
Jerolyn E. Morrison
Thomas Brogan
Eleni Nodarou
Chrysa Sofianou
The Origins of the Minoan Settlement at Palaikastro 190
Krzysztof Nowicki
Unexplored Mansion Redux 210
North of the Little Palace from the Early Iron Age to the Fall of Rome
Mieke Prent
Stuart MacVeagh Thorne
Peter J. Callaghan
Doniert Evely
Finding God at Palaikastro 222
Sandy MacGillivray
Palaikastro, Block M 239
Whispers of Archaeobotanical (Seed) Remains and some Ethnography
Anaya Sarpaki
Stone Cornices in Bronze Age Aegean Architecture 267
Joseph W. Shaw
A Grave at Palaikastro Mesonisi 282
Chrysa Sofianou
Skillfully Crafted Bronze Basins from the Northwest Treasury at Knossos 296
Jeffrey S. Soles
Alessandra Giumlia-Mair
Georgios Doudalis
Cooking Pots from the Depths of Minoan Sacred Caves 305
Loeta Tyree
Athanasia Kanta
A Minoan Story 312
Judith Weingarten
Dictaean Zeus? 318
Political Communities, Ritual Feasting and Animal Sacrifice in Eastern Crete from the Iron Age
to the Hellenistic Period
James Whitley