Archaeology of Forced Migration

Crisis-induced mobility and the Collapse of the 13th c. BCE Eastern Mediterranean

Edited by Jan Driessen

This collection of papers explores whether a meaningful distinction can be made in the archaeological record between migrations in general and conflict-induced migration in particular and whether the concept of conflict-induced migration is at all relevant to understand the major societal collapse of Bronze Age societies in the Eastern Mediterranean in the late 13th c. BCE. Helped by modern perspectives on actual and recent cases of conflict-induced migration and by textual evidence on ancient events, the different areas of the Mediterranean affected by the Late Bronze Age events are explored.

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Presses universitaires de Louvain
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13 November 2018
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13 November 2018
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13 November 2018
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1. An Archaeology of Forced Migration – Introduction 19
Jan Driessen
2. The Corporeality and Materiality of Involuntary Exile 25
Sandra H. Dudley
3. From Lampedusa to Trieste 31
An Archaeological Approach to Contemporary Forced Migrations and Identity Patterns
Maja Gori
Martina Revello Lami
4. Vestiges of the Spanish Republican Exodus to France 55
An Archaeological Study of the Retirada
Jean-Pierre Legendre
5. Camps and Ruins 75
Materialities and Landscapes of the 2015 Refugee Crisis
Dimitris Dalakoglou
Photos: Yannis Ziindrilis
6. Tracing Material Endings of Displacement 83
Elena Isayev
7. The Kurustama Treaty 95
An Example of Early Forced Migration?
Johanne Garny
Jan Tavernier
8. Involuntary Displacement in Livy Books 1-5 101
Robert Garland
9. Forced Migration after Natural Disasters 107
The Late Bronze Age Eruption of Thera
Stéphanie Martin
10. The Late 13th c. BCE Crisis in the East Mediterranean 117
Why the case of Crete matters ?
Krzysztof Nowicki
11. Megali Koryphi on Aegina and the Aegean Citadels of the 13th/12th c. BCE 149
Leonidas Vokotopoulos
Sophia Michalopoulou
12. Towards an Archaeology of Forced Movement of the Deep Past 177
Assaf Yasur-Landau
13. The Levant in Crisis 187
The Materiality of Migrants, Refugees and Colonizers at the End of the Bronze Age
Ann E. Killebrew
14. In Search of a Land 203
The Age of Migrations, Exoduses and Diaspora across the Eastern Mediterranean (13th-11th c.
Stefania Mazzoni
15. Egyptian Historiography on the Mobility of (Sea) People at the End of the Late Bronze Age 219
Shirly Ben-Dor Evian
16. The Decline of Egyptian Empire, Refugees, and Social Change in the Southern Levant, ca. 1200-
1000 BCE 229
Aaron A. Burke
18. Potters in Captivity? 261
An Alternative Explanation for the Italo-Mycenaean Pottery of the 13th century BCE
19. Push and Pull Factors of the Sea Peoples between Italy and the Levant 273
Reinhard Jung
20. Inching Ever Closer 307
Towards a Better Understanding of the Archaeology of Forced Migration
Eric H. Cline


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