Minoan Archaeology

Perspectives for the 21st Century
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Presses universitaires de Louvain
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Numéro 8
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Sarah Cappel, Ute Günkel-Maschek, Diamantis Panagiotopoulos,
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SOC003000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Archaeology
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06 Professional and scholarly
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3385 Antiquité
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14 oktober 2015

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01 januari 1997
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Preface and Acknowledgements III
"Minoan Archaeology": The Heidelberg Conference Between Past and Future
Sarah Cappel, Ute Günkel-Maschek, Diamantis Panagiotopoulos V
Conference Programme IX
Dealing with "Minoan": 111 Years of Minoan Archaeology
The Unknown Past of Minoan Archaeology: From the Renaissance Until the Arrival of
Sir Arthur Evans in Crete
Nektarios Karadimas 3
Exhibiting the Minoan Past: From Oxford to Knossos
Yannis Galanakis 17
Data in Progress: Exploring the Cretan Land- and Cityscape
Chryssi Island: New Evidence on the Bronze Age Settlement Patterns of the Ierapetra Area
Konstantinos Chalikias 37
Making the Invisible Visible: Ground Penetrating Radar at Papadiokampos, Crete
Antonia Stamos 53
Capturing the Dynamics of the Minoan Mortuary Space in South Central Crete
Sylviane Déderix 61
Minoan Cityscapes: Urban Planning in Neopalatial Crete
D. Matthew Buell 77
Let's Come Together: Places and Spaces of Social and Ritual Interaction
The Places and the Role of Consumption in MM II Phaistos
Giorgia Baldacci 95
Defining Minoan "Cult Rooms": Past and Present Approaches to the Archaeology of Cult
Kathrin Müller 109
Between the Physical and Metaphysical: Exploring Aspects of Communication in the
Temple Tomb at Knossos
Mark S. Peters 125
(De)Constructing Identities Through Architecture in LM III Crete
Panagiota A. Pantou 135
Peer Pressure: Social Structures from a “Minoan” Perspective
For an Archaeology of Minoan Society. Identifying the Principles of Social Structure
Jan Driessen 149
All Aboard: The Longboat and a Heterarchical Interpretation of the Mochlos Cemetery
Steven T. Karacic 167
Social Complexity and Gender Inequality in Prepalatial Crete: An Argument of Reason
or a Reason for Argument?
Maria Mina 181
Connecting with Selves and Others: Varieties of Community-Making across Late Prepalatial Crete
Emily S.K. Anderson 199
Social Variation in Middle Bronze Age Knossos: Palaeodietary Evidence
Argyro Nafplioti 213
On the Household Structure of Neopalatial Society
Emmanouela Apostolaki 223
Manpower and Neopalatial Architecture: The Architectural Project as a Meaningful Experience
Maud Devolder 241
Be(hav)ing “Minoan”: Negotiating Life and Death Through Practice and Performance
Recreating the Past: Using Tholos Tombs in Protopalatial Mesara
Ilaria Caloi 255
The Body Brand and Minoan Zonation
Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw 267
Cultural Performances at the Beginning of the Bronze Age: Early Minoan I and II Cemeteries as
Stages for Performance
Katy Soar 283
Performance Theory in Minoan Rituals and the Ambiguity of Minoan Symbols
Maria Chountasi 299
(A) Choreographed Frenzy: A Sequence of Steps Towards Understanding Movement and Dance
in Aegean Bronze Age Iconography
Céline Murphy 311
A Portable Goddess: On Performative and Experiental Aspects of Figures and Figurines
Katarzyna Zeman-Wisniewska 319
“Minoan” Material Entanglements: Documenting and Interpreting “Minoan” (?) Craftsmanship
Minoan Pottery: From Materials to Materiality
Carl Knappett 329
Pots and Potters: Thoughts on Ceramic Technology and the Craftsmen behind the Product
Sebastian Traunmüller 341
Transmediterranean Knowledge and Minoan Style Reliefs in Tell el Dabca: An Attempt at
Paradigm Shift
Constance von Rüden 355
Minoan Archaeology: The Pretence of Being Through Perception, Retention and Recollection
Iro Mathioudaki 367
Closing Remarks
Formulating Minoan Research in the 21st Century
Peter Warren 377
List of Contributors 381