Sport: linking education, training and employment in Europe

An EOSE Network Perspective
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In 2002, the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment(EOSE) registered in France as a not for profit association. Its network is composed of national organisationsthat share a common interest in sport and physical activityand mainly in skills and workforce development.

The mission of EOSE is to facilitate and support the development of the sport and active leisure sector workforce, in bringing education and employment, to ensure peopleworking and volunteering in the sector have the right skillsto perform and enable the sector to fulfil its potential as a social, health and economic driver.

EOSE seeks to position itself and its members at the centreof Education, Training and Employment policies in Europeand to be seen as a respected technical and expert independent organisation with specialist knowledge and expertise in the sport and active leisure sector in Europe.

This book gathers a series of articles and contributions from its members aiming to provide information about the creation and development of the organisation, a summary of the principle achievements and activities carried out by EOSE since 2002 but also to highlight the main challenges facing the sector in terms of Education and Employment. A special attention has also been given tothe European tools and policies to which EOSE's mission relates to.

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