ESANN 2019 - Proceedings

27th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning

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T Technology, engineering, agriculture
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28 mars 2019

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28 mars 2019
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Date de publication
28 mars 2019
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Classification and Bayesian learning
Conditional BRUNO: a neural process for exchangeable labelled data
I. Korshunova, Y. Gal, A. Gretton, J. Dambre
Interpretable dynamics models for data-efficient reinforcement learning
M. Kaiser, C. Otte, T. Runkler, C. H. Ek 
PAC-Bayes and Fairness: Risk and Fairness Bounds on Distribution Dependent
Fair Priors
L. Oneto, M. Donini, M. Pontil 
DropConnect for Evaluation of Classification Stability in Learning Vector
J. Ravichandran, S. Saralajew, T. Villmann 
Pixel-wise Conditioning of Generative Adversarial Networks
C. Ruffino, R. Hérault, E. Laloy, G. Gasso 
Committees as Artificial Organisms - Evolution and Adaptation
R. Alamino 
Towards a device-free passive presence detection system with Bluetooth Low
Energy beacons
M. Münch, K. Huffstadt, F.-M. Schleif
Defending against poisoning attacks in online learning settings
G. Collinge, E. C. Lupu, L. Muñoz-González 
Hybrid vibration signal monitoring approach for rolling element bearings
J. Kansanaho, T. Kärkkäinen 
Modal sense classification with task-specific context embeddings
B. Li, M. Dehouck, P. Denis
Adversarial robustness of linear models: regularization and dimensionality
I. Megyeri, I. Hegedus, M. Jelasity 
A Simple and Effective Scheme for Data Pre-processing in Extreme
S. Khandagale, R. Babbar
MAP best performances prediction for endurance runners
D. de Smet d'Olbecke, M. Francaux, L. Baijot, M. Verleysen 
TrIK-SVM : an alternative decomposition for kernel methods in Krein spaces
G. Loosli 
Embeddings and Representation Learning for Structured Data
Embeddings and Representation Learning for Structured Data
B. Paaßen, C. Gallicchio, A. Micheli, A. Sperduti 
Graph generation by sequential edge prediction
D. Bacciu, A. Micheli, P. Marco 
On the definition of complex structured feature spaces
N. Navarin, D. V. Tran, A. Sperduti 
Deep Weisfeiler-Lehman assignment kernels via multiple kernel learning
N. M. Kriege 
Predicting vehicle behaviour using LSTMs and a vector power representation
for spatial positions
F. Mirus, P. Blouw, S. Terrence, J. Conradt 
Efficient learning of email similarities for customer support
J. Bakker, K. Bunte
Nonnegative matrix factorization with polynomial signals via hierarchical
alternating least squares
C. Hautecoeur, F. Glineur 
Deep learning and CNN
Deep Embedded SOM: joint representation learning and self-organization
F. Forest, L. Mustapha, A. Hanane, J. Lacaille
Deep convolutional neural network for survival estimation of Amyotrophic
Lateral Sclerosis patients
E. Grisan, A. Zandonà, B. Di Camillo 
Detecting adversarial examples with inductive Venn-ABERS predictors
J. Peck, B. Goossens, Y. Saeys 
Learning Rich Event Representations and Interactions for Temporal Relation
O. Pandit, P. Denis, L. Ralaivola 
L1-norm double backpropagation adversarial defense
I. Seck, G. Loosli, S. Canu
Application of deep neural networks for automatic planning in radiation
oncology treatments
A. Barragan Montero, D. Nguyen, W. Lu, M.-H. Lin, X. Geets, E. Sterpin,
S. Jiang
Conditional WGAN for grasp generation
F. Patzelt, R. Haschke, H. Ritter
Multilingual short text categorization using convolutional neural network
L. Enamoto, L. Weigang
Fast and reliable architecture selection for convolutional neural networks
L. Hahn, L. Roese-Koerner, K. Friedrichs, A. Kummert 
On the Speedup of Deep Reinforcement Learning Deep Q-Networks (RL-DQNs)
A. Albaghajati, L. Ghouti 
Deep Autoencoder Feature Extraction for Fault Detection of Elevator Systems
K. M. Mishra, T. Krogerus, K. Huhtala 
Detecting Ghostwriters in High Schools
M. Stavngaard, A. Sørensen, S. Lorenzen, N. Hjuler, S. Alstrup 
Design of Power-Efficient FPGA Convolutional Cores with Approximate Log
L. Tavares Oliveira, M. S. Kim, A. Del Barrio García, N. Bagherzadeh,
R. Menotti 
Improving Pedestrian Recognition using Incremental Cross Modality Deep
D. O. Pop, A. Rogozan, F. Nashashibi, A. Bensrhair 
Machine learning in research and development of new vaccines products:
opportunities and challenges
P. Smyth, G. De Lannoy, M. Von Stosch, A. Pysik, A. Khan 
Real-time Convolutional Neural Networks for emotion and gender
M. Valdenegro-Toro, O. Arriaga, P. Plöger 

Learning methods and optimization
Experimental study of the neuron-level mechanisms emerging from
S. Carbonnelle, C. De Vleeschouwer 
Learning multimodal fixed-point weights using gradient descent
L. Enderich, F. Timm, L. Rosenbaum, W. Burgard 
Preconditioned conjugate gradient algorithms for graph regularized matrix
S. Dong, P.-A. Absil, K. Gallivan 
Direct calculation of out-of-sample predictions in multi-class kernel FDA
T. Matthias 
Complex Valued Gated Auto-encoder for Video Frame Prediction
N. Azizi, N. Wandel, S. Behnke 
On overfitting of multilayer perceptrons for classification
J. Rynkiewicz
Very Simple Classifier: a concept binary classifier to investigate features
based on subsampling and locality
M. Luca, B. Enrico
Sparse minimal learning machine using a diversity measure minimization
M. Dias, L. Sousa, A. Rocha Neto, C. Mattos, J. Gomes, T. Kärkkäinen 
Minimax center to extract a common subspace from multiple datasets
E. Renard, P.-A. Absil, K. Gallivan 
Interpolation on the manifold of fixed-rank positive-semidefinite matrices for
parametric model order reduction: preliminary results
E. Massart, P.-Y. Gousenbourger, T. S. Nguyen, T. Stykel, P.-A. Absil 
Progress Towards Graph Optimization: Efficient Learning of Vector to Graph
Space Mappings
S. Mautner, R. Backofen, F. Costa 
60 Years of Weightless Neural Systems
Systems with 'subjective feelings' - the perspective from weightless automata
I. Aleksander, H. Morton
Prediction of palm oil production with an enhanced n-Tuple Regression
L. Lusquino Filho, L. Oliveira, A. Lima Filho, G. Guarisa,
P. Machado Vieira Lima, F. Maia Galvão França 
Memory Efficient Weightless Neural Network using Bloom Filter
L. Santiago de Araújo, L. Dias Verona, F. Medeiros Rangel,
F. Firmino de Faria, D. Sadoc Menasche, W. Caarls, M. Breternitz,
S. Kundu, P. Machado Vieira Lima, F. Maia Galvão França 
A WNN model based on Probabilistic Quantum Memories
P.G.M. dos Santos, R. S. Sousa, A. J. da Silva
Weightless neural systems for deforestation surveillance and image-based
navigation of UAVs in the Amazon forest
E. Ribeiro, V. Torres, B. James, M. Braga, E. Shiguemori, H. Velho,
L. Torres, A. Braga
An evolutionary approach for optimizing weightless neural networks
M. Giordano, M. De Gregorio 
Modeling Sparse Data as Input for Weightless Neural Network
L. Kopp, J. B. Filho, P. Machado Vieira Lima, C. de Farias 
Domain adaptation and learning
Multi-target feature selection through output space clustering
K. Sechidis, E. Spyromitros-Xioufis, I. Vlahavas 
Feature relevance bounds for ordinal regression
L. Pfannschmidt, J. Jakob, M. Biehl, P. Tino, B. Hammer 
User-steering interpretable visualization with probabilistic principal
components analysis
V. M. Vu, B. Frénay 
Metric learning with submodular functions
J. Pan, H. Le Capitaine
Fusing Features based on Signal Properties and TimeNet for Time Series
A. Ukil, P. Malhotra, S. Bandyopadhyay, T. Bose, I. Sahu, A. Mukherjee,
L. Vig, A. Pal, G. Shroff
Metric learning with relational data
J. Pan, H. Le Capitaine and Algorithm Selection for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems
J. Rasku, N. Musliu, T. Kärkkäinen 
Topic-based historical information selection for personalized sentiment
S. Guo, S. Höhn, C. Schommer
Bridging face and sound modalities through domain adaptation metric learning
C. Athanasiadis, E. Hortal, S. Asteriadis
Model selection for Extreme Minimal Learning Machine using sampling
T. Kärkkäinen 
Knowledge Discovery in Quarterly Financial Data of Stocks Based on the
Prime Standard using a Hybrid of a Swarm with SOM
M. Thrun
Dimensionality reduction in a hydraulic valve positioning application
T. Wiens 
Class-aware t-SNE: cat-SNE
C. De Bodt, D. Mulders, D. Lopez-Sanchez, M. Verleysen, J. Lee 
Variational auto-encoders with Student's t-prior
N. Abiri, M. Ohlsson 
Streaming data analysis, concept drift and analysis of dynamic data
Recent trends in streaming data analysis, concept drift and analysis of dynamic
data sets
A. Bifet, B. Hammer, F.-M. Schleif 
Online Bayesian Shrinkage Regression
W. Jamil, A. Bouchachia 
Reactive Soft Prototype Computing for frequent reoccurring Concept Drift
C. Raab, M. Heusinger, F.-M. Schleif 
Beta Distribution Drift Detection for Adaptive Classifiers
L. Fleckenstein, S. Kauschke, J. Fürnkranz 
Importance of user inputs while using incremental learning to personalize
human activity recognition models
P. Siirtola, H. Koskimäki, J. Röning
Societal Issues in Machine Learning: When Learning from Data is
Not Enough
Societal Issues in Machine Learning: When Learning from Data is Not Enough
D. Bacciu, B. Biggio, P. Lisboa, J. D. Martìn, L. Oneto, A. Vellido
Privacy Preserving Synthetic Health Data
A. Yale, S. Dash, R. Dutta, I. Guyon, A. Pavao, K. Bennett 
Fairness and Accountability of Machine Learning Models in Railway Market:
are Applicable Railway Laws Up to Regulate Them?
C. Ducuing, L. Oneto, C. Renzo
Dynamic fairness - Breaking vicious cycles in automatic decision making
B. Paaßen, A. Bunge, C. Hainke, L. Sindelar, M. Vogelsang 
Detecting Black-box Adversarial Examples through Nonlinear Dimensionality
F. Crecchi, D. Bacciu, B. Biggio 
Deep RL for autonomous robots: limitations and safety challenges
O. Andersson, P. Doherty
Explaining classification systems using sparse dictionaries
A. Apicella, F. Isgro, R. Prevete, A. Sorrentino, G. Tamburrini
Statistical physics of learning and inference
M. Biehl, N. Caticha, M. Opper, T. Villmann
Trust, law and ideology in a NN agent model of the US Appellate Courts
N. Caticha, F. Alves
On-line learning dynamics of ReLU neural networks using statistical physics
M. Straat, M. Biehl 
Noise helps optimization escape from saddle points in the neural dynamics
F. Ying, Y. Zhaofei, C. Feng 

Image processing and transfer learning
Deep hybrid approach for 3D plane segmentation
F. Gomez Marulanda, P. Libin, T. Verstraeten, A. Nowe
Visualizing image classification in fourier domain
F. Franzen, C. Yuan 
Blind-spot network for image anomaly detection: A new approach to diabetic
retinopathy screening
S. Sutradhar, J. Rouco, M. Ortega 
A document detection technique using convolutional neural networks for
optical character recognition systems
L. Dobai, M. Teletin
Learning super-resolution 3D segmentation of plant root MRI images from
few examples
A. O. Uzman, J. Horn, S. Behnke
Analyzing spatial dissimilarities in high-resolution geo-data : a case study of
four European cities
J. Randon-Furling, W. Clark, M. Olteanu 
Computerized tool for identification and enhanced visualization of Macular
Edema regions using OCT scans
I. Otero Coto, P. F. Lizancos Vidal, J. de Moura, J. Novo, M. Ortega 
A best-first branch-and-bound search for solving the transductive inference
problem using support vector machines
H. Xavier Araújo, R. Fonseca Neto, S. Moraes Villela
LEAP nets for power grid perturbations
B. Donnot, B. Donon, I. Guyon, L. Zhengying, A. Marot, P. Panciatici,
M. Schoenauer
Active one-shot learning with Prototypical Networks
R. Boney, A. Ilin .
Transfer Learning for transferring machine-learning based models
among hyperspectral sensors
P. Menz, A. Backhaus, U. Seiffert 
Time series and signal processing
Multiple-Kernel dictionary learning for reconstruction and clustering of
unseen multivariate time-series
B. Hosseini, B. Hammer
Tensor factorization to extract patterns in multimodal EEG data
D. Mulders, C. De Bodt, N. Lejeune, J. Lee, A. Mouraux, M. Verleysen 
Beyond Pham's algorithm for joint diagonalization
P. Ablin, J.-F. Cardoso, A. Gramfort 
Frequency Domain Transformer Networks for Video Prediction
H. Farazi, S. Behnke 
Comparison between DeepESNs and gated RNNs on multivariate time-series
C. Gallicchio, A. Micheli, L. Pedrelli
Autoregressive Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for Univariate
and Multivariate Time Series Prediction
M. Maggiolo, G. Spanakis 
Using Deep Learning and Evolutionary Algorithms for Time Series
R. Thomazi Gonzalez, D. Augusto Couto Barone
Lightweight autonomous bayesian optimization of Echo-State Networks
C. Luca, G. Franco, M. D. Santambrogio
Time series modelling of market price in real-time bidding
M. Du, C. Hammerschmidt, G. Varisteas, R. State, M. Brorsson, Z. Zhang 
Dynamical systems and reinforcement learning
Short-term trajectory planning using reinforcement learning within a
neuromorphic control architecture
F. Mirus, B. Zorn, J. Conradt
Training networks separately on static and dynamic obstacles improves
collision avoidance during indoor robot navigation
V. Schmuck, D. Meredith
Human feedback in continuous actor-critic reinforcement learning
C. Millán, B. Fernandes, F. Cruz

Chasing the Echo State Property
C. Gallicchio
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