Orpheus' Glance Selected papers on process psychology

The Fontarèches meetings, 2002–2017

Editorial coordination by Paul Stenner, Michel Weber

The Whitehead Psychology Nexus is an international open forum dedicated to the cross-examination of Alfred North Whitehead's "organic" or “process” philosophy and the various facets of the contemporary psychological fi eld of research and debate. Read More

It seeks to mutually inform psychology and Whitehead scholarship by encouraging psychologists
to research in a Whiteheadian atmosphere and Whitehead scholars to engage with psychology.
Bold speculations balanced by "complete humility before logic, and before fact"
(Process and Reality, 1929, corr. ed., p. 17) are especially valued.

The WPN Workshops were launched in 2002 in Fontarèches (France). The provocative
papers gathered here are of two kinds: on the one hand, philosophical discussions of the
present state of affairs in psychology lato sensu; and, on the other hand, critical studies of
the relevance of the imaginative generalizations of Whitehead for psychology and of the
impact of contemporary psychology on Whitehead's system of thought.

Dr Paul Stenner is Professor of Social Psychology at the School of Psychology, The Open
University (Milton Keynes, UK).

Dr Michel Weber is Adjunct Professor at the Department of Educational Foundations, The
University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Ca).

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Editorial coordination by
Paul Stenner, Michel Weber,
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The Whitehead Psychology Nexus: Retrospect and Prospect
Michel Weber & Paul Stenner

Introduction: Some thoughts on the nature of existence
Jason W. Brown

William James and Jakob von Uexküll:
pragmatism, pluralism and the outline of a philosophy of organism
Arthur Araujo

Non-Commutativity and Its Implications in Physics and Beyond
Harald Atmanspacher and Thomas Filk

Process in Vedantic Mysticism: The Example of Ramakrishna
David T. Bradford

Simultaneity and Serial Order
Jason W. Brown

Occult geographies, or the promises of spectres:
Scientific knowledge, political trust, and religious vision at the
margins of the modern
Adrian J. Ivakhiv

Whitehead and Roger Sperry. The negation of the instant
and the free will problem
Rémy Lestienne

Re-thinking the Self: Process philosophy in Murray and Morgan's
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
Eleonora Mingarelli

On Signs: Hayek's Surmise, Process Philosophy & Biosemiotics
John Pickering

What is Called "Feeling"?
Lure and Certainty in Whitehead and Descartes
Pierre Rodrigo

Whitehead and liminality
Paul Stenner

The Relevance of Process Philosophy to Psychology
and Philosophy of Mind
Maria Teresa Teixeira

Consciousness, Memory, and Recollection
Xavier Verley

Hypnosis: Panpsychism in Action
Michel Weber

How to Develop a Scientific Concept of Processual Self
Karen Yan

Aesthetics as a Manifestation of Balance
Denys Zhadiaiev

Minkowski’s concept of “vital contact with reality”
in an existential philosophical context
Anastasiia Zinevych

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