Lou et nous

Clé USB Flash de formation et d'accompagnement à la guidance éducative parentale
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Lou is a young child presenting problem behaviors. The CD offers a rich simulation of situations parents and children in such circumstances might face at home, at school, or outdoors. Use of the CD should always happen with professional... Read More

Lou is a young child presenting problem behaviors. At home, at school, or outdoors, Lou's parents try different methods of correcting Lou’s behaviors, and evaluating their efficacy in the immediate, and longer, term.

The CD offers a rich simulation of situations parents and children in such circumstances might face. Whilst studiosly avoiding any suggestion of easily and universally applicable methods, the CD invites parents and professionals in training to reflect on the adequacy of their disciplinary and other child-rearing styles, and the impact of stress and fatigue on family functioning, related to environmental variables in their lives. The CD also proposes a series of « golden rules » parents and professionals in training can use as helpful guidelines and points of reference in promoting the welfare of their children and enhancing family functioning.

Use of the CD, which should always happen when their is professional supervision and accompaniment, by a parent, in a parental couple with or without the involvement of the child concerned, in a group of parents, or by a psychologist in training, contributes to improvement in child-rearing practices, the feeling of parental competence, co-parenting relationships, and communication with the child in question and other children who may be part of the family setting.

The CD’s playful and modern approach makes for an indispensable tool for psychologists and family educators working with young children with problem behavior, and their parents.

The CD may be used in four languages (English, French, German, and Spanish), and is accompanied by a manual in English and French describing the theoretical and empirical bases for the CD and its uses, as well as guidelines for using the video which are especially apt for professionals working in the educational guidance of parents and families.

Standard instructions regarding the training of students in the helping professions are also available on the CD. These instructions are aimed at professors in higher education in the domains of family psychology, family education, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. They permit psychologists and other professionals in training to understand how best to use the CD and focus its use in the broader context of their working relationships with one another and with families and children.

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