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Portraits photographiques de la Maison Gilles à Namur (1860-1914)
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Not since William James has a neuropsychologist so consistently cultivated the poet's mastery of language in order to masterfully trace the periphery of the ineffable. Brown is brutally honest, whether exposing personal illusions or those shared with the world. This is a delightful book of koans that lingers in the mind like an exit sign in Plato's Cave. —Jonathan Bricklin, Open University, New York
Dr. Jason Brown is a Behavioral Neurologist. He has made highly original theoretical contributions to the science of neuropsychology, with repercussions in philosophy of mind, moral philosophy and other fields. This collection of epigrams encapsulates aspects of Dr. Brown's profound insights into the dynamics of the mind/brain, gained over decades of research and reflection. Ranging over diverse topics, the epigrams nonetheless represent a coherent understanding of how the brain shapes and reshapes its inner and outer worlds, from the blur of a nascent idea to its ultimate refined and "sculpted" definition and realization in action. Wide-ranging in conceptual time and space, the collected epigrams illuminate much debated classical problems with the light of novel perspectives, culminating in the realization that the only constant of the brain/mind is that it constantly changes; rich and rewarding fare for the thoughtful student of the human mind. —Marcel Kinsbourne, New School, New York


Les éditions namuroises
Emmanuel Bodart, Anne Roekens, L. Stokart,
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27 January 2012
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