The first World War from Tripoli to Addis Ababa (1911-1924)

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For a long time now it has been common understanding that Africa played only a marginal role in the First World War. Read More

Its reduced theatre of operations appeared irrelevant to the strategic balance of the major powers. This volume is a contribution to the growing body of historical literature that explores the global and social history of the First World War. It questions the supposedly marginal role of Africa during the Great War with a special focus on Northeast Africa. In fact, between 1911 and 1924 a series of influential political and social upheavals took place in the vast expanse between Tripoli and Addis Ababa. The First World War was to profoundly change the local balance of power.
This volume consists of fifteen chapters divided into three sections. The essays examine the social, political and operational course of the war and assess its consequences in a region straddling Africa and the Middle East. The relationship between local events and global processes is explored, together with the regional protagonists and their agency. Contrary to the myth still prevailing, the First World War did have both immediate and long-term effects on the region. This book highlights some of the significant aspects associated with it.

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CFEE - Centre Français des Etudes Ethiopiennes
Edited by
Shiferaw Beke, Uoldelul Chelati Dirar, Alessandro Volterra, Massimo Zaccaria,
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11 October 2019


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11 October 2019
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Shiferaw Bekele, Uoldelul Chelati Dirar, Alessandro Volterra et al.


International and Regional Politics/Developments

Patrick Gilkes et Martin Plaut

Great War Intrigues in the Horn of Africa

Haggai Erlich

WWI in the Middle East and Africa: Nationalist Movements in a Formative Age

Anne-Claire de Gayffier-Bonneville

Aftershocks of the First World War in the Nile Valley

Elena Vezzadini

Transnationalism from Below after the First World War: The Case of the 1924 Revolution in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

Jakob Zollmann

Ethiopia, International Law and the First World War. Considerations of Neutrality and Foreign Policy by the European Powers, 1840-1919

Colonial Policies

Andrea Ungari

Why did the Italians go to Libya?

Alessandro Volterra

Askaris and the Great War. Colonial Troops Recruited in Libya for the War but Never Sent to the Austrian Front

Massimo Zaccaria

Feeding the War: Canned Meat Production in the Horn of Africa and the Italian Front

Laurent Jolly

The First World War Seen from Djibouti: Controlling, Recruiting, Enlisting

Simon Imbert-Vier

Living the War Far Away from the Front: Creating Territories around Djibouti

Local Agencies and the War

Silvia Bruzzi

Claiming Islamic Authenticity. The Ḫatmīya Sufi order confronting WWI

Rémi Dewière et Vincent Hiribarren

"Our delight is for the amir of the English": a Bornoan history of the First World War (North-Eastern Nigeria)

Juliette Honvault

World War I and the Perspective of a Hashemite Order in Yemen. Study of the Chronicle of Ismā‛īl b. Muḥammad al-Washalī

Uoldelul Chelati Dirar

Writing WWI with African Gazes. The Great War Through the Writing of Tigrinya Speaking Expatriates

Gabriele Montalbano

The Italian community of Tunisia: From Libyan Colonial Ambitions to the First World War


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